About us

Chimney Cleaning Pros was been a valued part of the community here for years. We have certainly learned more than just a few tricks of the trade, As chimney cleaners we take great pride in our work that is now a very specialized field, that require the perfect synergy of skill, equipment and experience to successfully complete a project within a desired time frame as to not cause to much interruptions with your daily schedule.

Chimney Cleaner or Good Samaritan

Through the years no one at Chimney Cleaning Pros here have discovered any hidden treasure, although we have extracted a good number of animals who have managed to fall down the chimney. We have had to take out the damper from the fire place in order to free these critters.

Chimney Cleaner Procedures

Chimney Cleaning Pros solve most of the down draft issues by installing either a turbo cowl or a rotating cowl. These are fashioned to deflect the wind, stopping the cold air from spitting out down the chimney causing your fire place to smoke.

If you have received a service from a chimney cleaner send by Chimney Cleaning Pros then you would have seen how we avoid making a mess by sealing off the fire place and clean from the top down. It does not always require a top to bottom clean up, sometimes with a well maintained chimney the work load will be allot less.

Chimney Cleaner Peak Season

The peak season for Chimney Cleaning Pros is in winter, normally when there is a problem it is caused from lack of maintenance. In, you should clean it once a year. As this time is so busy it is a good idea too book in advance by calling 800-870-1242.

Chimney Cleaning Pros Chimney Cleaner Promise

Chimney Cleaning Pros is, 's origanal chimney cleaner, and largely realy on our years of experience and total customer satisfaction ensuring every client signs off on each job only when they are completely happy that all work was done in the proffesional manner in which it was promised to be delivered.

Furthermore we pride ourselves in being punctual, friendly, dependable and effective. All staff will always be presentable and well disciplined from when we arrive till when we leave. In case a staff member does not comply phone this no. 800-870-1242.

Benefits of using a Chimney Cleaner

• Clear and clean out build-up of soot and creosote.

• Prevent fires from destroying property

• Reduces the changes of unwanted smoke to enter the living space while burning a fire.

• Reduces Carbon Monoxide poisoning from fuel not completely burned.

Affordable Chimney Cleaners

Chimney Cleaning Pros is one of the most affordable chimney cleaning services availble in the market place today, That is because we are also one of the most establised chimney cleaning componaies around. Call 800-870-1242 to find out more about our amazing prices and special discounts for specific times of the year.

Most jobs do not take that long, but is will depend on the number of chimneys and the condition that they are in before we can put a time estimate to the work required.

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